Thank You !

It’s me again just to thank everyone who has responded by email, text, postings or a pat on the shoulder with such kind words (I now know who you are and where you live so you may regret ever having surfaced). With readers like you who needs friends?

I throw back the love and may we meet again albeit it in the cloud.



About Leo Alejandrino

The blog is principally a commentary on Philippine politics and economics.
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7 Responses to Thank You !

  1. You are never disappointing, Mr. Leo Alejandrino, even just in giving thanks. 🙂 It’s really a waste of your gifts and talents if you stop writing. But we are confident that, one of these days, you’ll share with us your thoughts again, in your own inimitable, elegant style.

  2. Arnel Buligan says:

    You are a gifted man with wits and wisdom on what is the current scenarios, especially of our modern day “sarsuela” in our very own government.

    Keep it up and hope to see you in the future Mr Leo!

  3. Maru Rodriguez says:

    So sorry that you’ve decided to take a break (hoping!) from writing. What you give me – personally – is clarity. Many times my thoughts are so jumbled and my emotions make it even more confusing. And then I read your take, and I suddenly can make sense of what I’m feeling and thinking. Your intelligence and objectivity has inspired me to see everything with as much wisdom as I can muster.

    Actually, Mr. Alejandrino, it’s thank YOU.

  4. Thanks Leo, I have enjoyed some of your articles.

    Ed Roa

  5. Yes, Leo, my apologies for not having said anything when you were bidding goodbye. It seemed not to matter being me just a nobody, anyway, and what could I say? I’ve read most of everything you’ve told about in this blog and took you to be the one to fill me in on issues I miss, and to make me see the essence of what the matter is with these things in this part of our world. While none of anything not good gets on me, really, like, how could i care when I’m in the dumps myself, you made me aware of what else should bother me – and now, I want a revolution! Lead!!!

    Tell me.

  6. Mari Cris Olbes says:

    Am adding myself to the list, Leo.
    The articles I read made food for thought, plus I really enjoyed your writing style.

  7. Thoughtrift says:

    Hello Mr. Alejandrino,

    It’s been two months. Would it be alright if you came back now please?


    Yolanda rebuilding – some sectors report of kickback..

    Commissioner Ruffy gets to scuba dive in peace now..

    Napoles is turned into a firecracker..

    5 months to go before that prophecy of a major Philippine plague..

    Binay never got an analysis from you..

    We’ve already forgotten about the Ampatuans..

    Mar and Korina are suspiciously quiet..

    “My Little Bossings” is TERRIBLE..

    Come back, we miss you already.

    “..And miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.”

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