The Oscars Part II

Readers lamented the omission of certain categories in last week’s Oscars blog.  To prove it is sensitive to its audience, the Awards Committee added to the list (with some suggested by viewers):

Best Director In An Adventure Series- The winner is Benigno Aquino III for his work on an enterprise the outcome of which is uncertain and fraught with danger.

Best Actor In A Non-Speaking Part- This goes to Sen. Bong Revilla for his quiet performance in the midst of the cacophony. He either so totally gets it or he doesn’t but is afraid to ask. Like Jean Dujardin, the Oscar winner, Bong shows one can be equally effective not speaking as speaking.

Best Actress In a Non-Speaking Part- This goes to BIR Commissioner Kim Henares. She figures the CJ’s tax records should do the talking.

Best actor in a non-supporting role- The winner is Sen. Joker Arroyo. His portrayal of a doomsayer with dire predictions about the death of Philippine democracy is often disbelieving but he does apply himself.  Think Yoda only without the force.

Worst Casting- This goes to the 11 man Prosecution team for doing the worst of a good situation. Whoever cast them should be looking for a career change.

Best Foreign Film- This goes to “Daang Matuwid”, a story about the straight and the narrow. Without sub-titles, the President’s friends don’t get it. Maybe the Ombudsman can help.

Best Animation- The winner is Malacanang which continues to be (the only one?) animated about the impeachment trial. What does it take to get a rise out of the public?

Best Short Story- This goes to the little lady who reportedly handed  Rep. Umali copies of the CJ’s dollar accounts. To this date nobody has been able to produce her, least of all the Congressman. Could he be on medication?

Best Editing- The winner is the Supreme Court for interpreting the law in some really strange ways, making it harder to figure what is really going on.

Worst Picture- This goes to “The Impeachment”, a story on how to hide the truth without really trying. Despite a reasonable script, a big budget, and a cast of hundreds (lawyers mainly), the production never reached its potential. It neither entertained nor engaged the public. Maybe someone will do a better job next year.

With the above we are thankfully done with this year’s Oscars.


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