Statement On Philweb Suit

The following is a statement I released to media on the Philweb suit:

“I have been sued for libel by Philweb, a company controlled by Bobby Ongpin and 26% by E-PLDT; for things I have written in my blog Wired (

The case is sub-judice so I cannot get into the details. The complaint is public as are my blogs so people can access them.

In fact the suit is not about me nor my modest blog but about bigger issues like the responsibility of citizens to speak when they see something improper and for the public’s right to know. The suit is about the contest for an ideal.

This is my message to both Bobby Ongpin and to Manny Pangilinan, perhaps more to Manny since Bobby is upset with me for being disrespectful to him. I apologize to Bobby if I disrespected him since nobody deserves to be disrespected.

Therefore to Manny: The suit Philweb has filed against me does not make any sense to Bobby, you nor the corporations you represent. Never have I disparaged the company. I simply warned unsuspecting investors of the risks in investing in an entity whose principal shareholder is being investigated by the authorities but whose business depends on dealings with Government, PAGCOR in particular. This combination is not good.

My blog is my response to President Aquino’s call for individual responsibility. You may be able to shut me up but for every one of us down others will rise and rise. I will not start a movement but I have seen the anger at the injustice to me and not only from friends and relatives.

So I ask Philweb to consider withdrawing its suit. I apologize to Bobby if I  disrespected him but I will continue to write things as I see them, without malice, and with education.”

The Board of Directors  of Philweb:

Roberto Ongpin, Chairman; Ray Espinosa (E-PLDT), Vice-Chairman; Dennis Valdes, President; Eric Recto; Delfin Wenceslao; Rafael Ortigas; G.Tan; Mario Oreta; Mario Locsin; R. Creager; C. Ehrlich; Mariano Galicia; Benito Araneta; Tomas Alcantara; Ramon Ang.


About Leo Alejandrino

The blog is principally a commentary on Philippine politics and economics.
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15 Responses to Statement On Philweb Suit

  1. manuelbuencamino says:

    Please post the suit so your suporters can comment. Since we are neither parties to the suit nor lawyers, we are not subject to the sub judice rule.

  2. Mr Alejandrino,

    Go for it! I am a reader of your blog. You analysis about so many stuff including this Ongpin mess is an eye opener.

  3. Tata. Poblador says:

    That they are filing suit against you is really telling on them! I am sure I can count on my fingers the number of people who read your blog, simply because you explore issues beyond the understanding of the ordinary reader. Yes, I agree with Manuel, please publish their libel complaint, which is a public document anyway.

  4. Thoughtrift says:

    You are not alone Mr. Alejandrino, there are many that support you on this. Justice will be served. Our country is waking up. Let those that cheat, lie and steal kick and scream in their fear. That will only embolden the righteous even more. Don’t back down! Don’t let them get to you! Keep up the great work. We are behind you.

  5. FED UP says:

    Leo, you’re a hero for articulately showing the scam used by people in positions of power to plunder government assets. The Philex case is an example of profit that should have accrued to the government derailed for cynical private gain by the head of a large government financial institution for the private benefit of others in hundreds of millions. What transpired is obvious.

    I will be willing to contribute to your legal defense fund, as many outraged citizens, against what I believe to be a seriously corrupt Philippine businessman. Many people are with you here Leo so hold your ground against plunder and corruption!

  6. Tony H says:

    I’m just curious Leo,

    1) Why would Philweb be a “party-in-interest” for the suit? Was your article specific to Philweb or another transaction or company, or persons? Was your blog directly damaging to Philweb, a publicly listed company?

    2) How can a mere blog be financially damaging to Philweb? Did the share price collapse after your blog? Did Philweb lose contracts right after your blog?

    3) If the suit is criminal, not civil, – What is the basis of a crime if there are no quantifiable damages incurred against a juridical person. As a publicly listed company, aren’t we allowed some freedom in criticizing entities where public money is involved.

  7. the author says:

    Keep it up! Don’t be bullied.

  8. Bern Siy says:

    The tactics are similar to those employed by another person in the news.. Obfuscate, deflect, and claim to be a ‘victim’… Boo hoo hoo

    Please continue your mission, to enable us to see things more clearly despite the frequent use of smoke and mirrors and ‘legalese’.

  9. Johnny lin says:

    Philweb is a publicly traded company. it is the right of the public to learn from any medium of this company. Facts are that Philweb has dealings with PAGCOR and it’s chairman, Bobby Ongpin, is under senate, a government branch, investigation. Warning the public about the current pitfalls of the company is fair game in stock market. Before Enron failed, news media published that it’s president Ken Lay and Enron subsidiaries were being investigated by SEC. Your comment was eerrily similar. The only way this case will succeed is if the judge is compromised against your favor, not uncommon in Makati courts.

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