Philweb Complaint

philweb v alejandrino


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The blog is principally a commentary on Philippine politics and economics.
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3 Responses to Philweb Complaint

  1. manuelbuencamino says:

    As a former investment banker and management consultant, your expert opinion on investing , which you give to your readers for free, is a service that is very much appreciated. It also adds to your credibility that you are not one of those “buy,buy, buy” advisers. You also caution your readers about certain investments. If your advise or rating of a certain company is considered libelous then what happens to rating agencies and investment consultants? Does any Hold or Sell advise based on a consultant’s honest assessment now constitute libel against the affected company?

  2. mikehardel says:

    Libel suits are a way of trying to silence those who want the truth to be known public. In this particular issue, the libel only did more damage to Bobby and the people he protects and not to you. Bobby should start looking for really good advisers… tsk tsk tsk… he was ill-advised…

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