Church Vs.The Rest Of The World

The Holy Ghost (HG) should change his advisers. Taking on P-Noy and his 88% trust rating; on reproductive health is not a good idea.

HG should in particular dismiss CBCP President Odchimar. The latter threatened President Noy with excommunication if his Government distributes contraceptives.

Excommunication is exclusion of a person from the community of the Church for misconduct. A person excommunicated cannot be included in the prayers of the Church community. This could cause a drop in the trust ratings of P-Noy which has the Presidential Communications Group concerned.  Prayers account for 50% of the President’s approval rating.

Shalani is similarly upset because this would mean she would not be able to marry in the Church nor, more importantly, in the Manila Cathedral.

Following the furor caused by Odchimar’s gaffe, the CBCP retracted: “ There was a typo. ‘Excommunication’ should have read ‘Miscommunication’”. (Gaffe, incidentally, is defined as the truth slipping out).

Odchimar’s statement now reads:” Miscommunication (not excommunication) is a possibility, kasi right now it is a proximate possibility”. Sounds more like a description of the Malacanang Communications Group than a threat of religious ouster.

“Proximate possibility” is defined as a greater likelihood of occurrence as in ” There is a possibility you will get pregnant with a condom but a proximate possibility you will get pregnant with the rhythm method”.

The Church is allegedly demanding all Congressional bills involving health, education and accessories used in the act of procreation; first be cleared with the Vatican.  A Philippine Office of Religious Affairs must be established with the Papal Nuncio as head with rank of Cabinet.

The Holy See also wants supervision over the Dept. of Education to ensure that no sex education will be implemented until post-graduate degree. However, since DepEd Secretary Father Armin Luistro is a priest, the Vatican deemed this to be substantial compliance by the Philippine Government.

Odchimar said the Church will “exhaust all peaceful means” to counter the RH bill.  If unsuccessful, the Church will presumably consider less peaceful means such as shutting down churches and urging Catholics to secede from the nation.

The possibility of priests and nuns going on strike is also under study putting millions of Catholics at risk of committing a sin for missing Sunday mass. The Labor Department may have to get involved.

President Aquino is uncertain whether to certify the RH bill as urgent. “We have yet to see the RH bill, ” said Presidential spokesperson Lacierda, meekly, one week after the document had been posted on Facebook. What is it about the Palace that they are always the last to know?

The RH issue threatens to split the nation, ninety percent for, 10% against; potentially throwing the country  into civil war. There are reports Odchimar is a supporter of Ex-President Gloria which is of no particular relevance; but I thought I would mention it anyway.

RH supporters led by the Intramuros tour clients of Carlos Celdran are furious over the incarceration of their leader. Carlos is accused of violating Art. 33 of the Revised Penal Code for “offending religious feelings”. Under this obscure law, all Christians and Muslims in Mindanao are to be jailed for excoriating each other and their religions.

There are reports Manila Mayor Lim instructed the police to arrest Celdran. This helped detract from all the negative news about his IIRC involvement and curry favor with the Church.

RH supporters question why the Church coddles pedophile priests yet is quick to threaten P-Noy for courageously doing his job. They also believe prelates should not engage in a subject of which they have no first hand experience; a claim some priests dispute.

Again, if the basis for excommunication is “misconduct” why have corrupt officials and jueteng operators not been excommunicated? Ex-Archbishop Cruz has the list of the latter, the nation of the former.

In an unrelated matter, the Vatican Bank is being investigated for money laundering which does not help the Church’s image.

Critics of the RH bill claim a higher population alleviates poverty. They cite the financial problems of Italy and Spain where population has been on a decline. They also claim China could be doubling its growth rate of 10% if it had not implemented a one child policy.

The Church should throw the RH bill to the Supreme Court where it will remain undecided for at least until 2016.

Shalani likes this since it would allow her to marry in Church and, yes, in the Manila Cathedral.


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One Response to Church Vs.The Rest Of The World

  1. Elbert Friend says:

    It’s sad that many Catholics are quite ignorant of the Church teaching on contraception. “He who asserts that he cannot be bound by the Church’s bonds, confesses that he cannot be loosed by her authority. And he who makes such an assertion, separates himself wholly from Christ.” (Pope St. Gregory VII Letter to Bishop Hermann of Metz, 1076)

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