If only the nation could do an ABS-CBN.

ABS decided to cancel the show Wowowee and put its host Willie Revillame on  leave until Sep. 2011 when his contract expires. ABS claims Willie violated the “behavioral provisions” of the agreement when he demanded the network dismiss another talent, Jobert Sucaldito, for criticizing the show.

This was Willie’s second display of arrogance. Last year, Willie complained about the insertion of footage of the funeral of Cory on Wowowee. Willie supported Senator Villar in the elections.

Unlike Presidential spokesperson Lacierda, Willie was only allowed two strikes before getting canned.

In the meantime ABS will continue to pay Willie his reported fee of P1 million a week.

Unhappy with this arrangement where he gets to goof off at ABS’ expense, Willie wants out of his contract even if it means foregoing his fee.

Willie stands to lose valuable product endorsements if he is not visible. Out of sight, out of mind, out of money is the mantra in show biz.

I wish the nation could do an ABS.

I wish the nation could put on freeze all our politicians, pay them their salaries conditioned on them not coming to work. The notice of termination would read:

“Dear Mr. Congressman,

After a review of your social contract with the people we have established that you have violated the “behavioral provisions” of our agreement.

The counts are many: You have misused your pork barrel allocations. You have failed to attend all sessions of Congress. You have acted in an arrogant and abusive manner. You have built a family dynasty. You have threatened to vote for Charter Change. You have continued to use your ‘wangwang’ notwithstanding the prohibition.

We are therefore putting you on an indefinite leave of absence. As such you may not peddle influence, endorse any product whether financed by your pork barrel or not; or sport the number 8 plate.

You also may not engage in any other form of livelihood like smuggling or illegal gambling.

We will continue to pay your annual salary of P576,000, net of witholding , until June 30  2013 when your contract expires. Please do not report to the office, we will deliver the checks to your home.

This notice is irrevocable and will not be rescinded even if you are to come on bended knees. If you insist on reporting to work we will put you before the Truth Commission.

We regret having elected you but I guess we all make mistakes.

The Filipino People”

By getting rid of all our politicians, the Budget Office has estimated we could save over P500 million in Congressional staff overhead and some P10 billion in corruption related expenses.

Congress could be converted into a mall and rented out for enough money to pay for politicians’ salaries. Alternatively it could be a coliseum to host Rep. Manny Pacquiao’s fights.

Should our suggested initiative be unconstitutional, the President should submit for  referendum the following proposition:” If a President gets a public approval rating of more than 60% he may fire the Ombudsman; if more than 80%, he may dissolve Congress for the rest of its term. If the President scores above 95%, he may dissolve both Congress and the Supreme Court. Please twitter your vote.”

Approval of the referendum should be a slam dunk.


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