Letter To Jojo

June 20 2010

Dear Jojo,

Congratulations on your election as Vice-President. You must be very excited.

Congratulations also to Jun-Jun and Abby for their election as Mayor of Makati and Congresswoman.  I am glad to know that your family dynasty is coming along well. It is so heartening to build a practice and know that your children are interested in the business.

I am sorry if I was not so enthusiastic in raising your hand at the victory proclamation. Understand you were not my first choice for Vice-President but this does not mean I love you less. You remind me time and time again how close you were to Mom. At least we were able to keep it within our families.

There has been a lot of talk about our future relationship. People tell me how much you want my job, how you can’t wait, how you are taking such an unusual interest in my sleep habits; so I thought we should have a heart to heart.

Let’s start with the easy things.

Since I am now quite grown up I thought you could stop addressing me as “hijo”. For my part I will stop calling you Tito Jojo.

The nation is looking at us for unity, the gossip columns for discord. I have asked my sisters to say only nice things about you and your family, especially Kris who does tend to speak her mind. I hope you will not make it difficult for us to continue to do so.

It would help if you stayed away from my “kamaganaks”. Just between you and me, they are not all good people.

Jojo, I am now the President and you the Vice-President. I realize this does not mean I can order you around or fire you just as I can my Cabinet members. Nonetheless I would appreciate it if you not give my boys a hard time by, for example, foisting your people on them, calling for favors or bad mouthing them. They have a hard enough job cleaning up the mess we inherited.

You are a man of a few words which is one of the things I like about you. However, when invited at Cabinet meetings, I request that you not speak unless asked. My people are a talkative bunch so yours would just add to the confusion.

You requested (some people say demanded) the DILG portfolio. My advisers tell me that would be like introducing a fox among chickens which metaphor I do not quite get. I can only surmise it is a bad idea so I am shelving it.

On the other hand I thought that Foreign Affairs might interest you. It requires you to visit each of our 26 foreign embassies at least twice a year, attend all funerals of foreign dignitaries and proclamations of newly elected presidents.

I do not mean to exile you except Elenita has always mentioned how you never take her anywhere. Now might be a good time to see the world in style. It also piles up Frequent Flyer miles rather quickly which is always nice.

Since you gave him as reference in your bio-data I called Erap to find out what else might interest you. He was so full of expletives over the phone I never got a clear answer. He seemed not to be a happy camper.

I also checked with Nestor Mercado, your colleague in Makati. He had nothing to say but it may have been because his ears were fuming. You may want to erase them both from your CV as job references.

So here we are, six years of togetherness separated only by my heartbeat. For the sake of the nation and yours I hope we can work it out. It might even be fun.

Regards to Elenita and the kids,


P.S. Thanks for the 50 cartons of cigarettes you sent me.


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